Handcrafted in USA  Chippewa Boot Handcrafted in the USA

Chippewa 23913

Men's Genuine Chippewa 23913 Snake boot

Guaranteed Snake Proof

Sizes:    D 7-12, 13, 14

           EE 8-12, 13 

Men's 17" Brown Leather/Cordura Snake Boot

Goodyear Leather Welt Construction

1000 Denier Cordura Viper Cloth

10 oz Leather Lining

Body Cushion Insole

Vibram Robinson Outsole

Chippewa 23913 - $259.95 *Free Shipping

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This green collection includes the 23913, the world's best selling snake boot. I have been selling this snakeboot for more than 19 years and have had at least 27 people come tell me they were struck by diamond back rattlesnakes and these boots stopped the fangs from penetrating in each and every case. I also had a new customer that said he thought 200 dollars was too much to spend on snake boots. And then he got bit on the leg. When he got out of the hospital his bill was over 8000 dollars and he nearly lost his leg. He said $200 is cheap for a pair of snake boots that give you guaranteed snake bite protection. Then I got a call from a man in Arizona that asked if these snake boots are snake proof on the bottom of the sole. I didn't want to lie to him so I told him that I didn't know but I would find out. I called Chippewa boot company and asked. They told me all their boots have two layers, generally 1000 denier cordura and 10 oz leather. A snake's fangs are curved and when they strike they may penetrate the first layer but not the second. This lining goes throughout the boot so yes they are guaranteed snake proof from the bottom of the sole to the top of the boot. So enjoy the outdoors without always looking down at your feet. Remember 80% of snakebites are on the calf or ankle but 20% are on the hand. So before you reach down into the grass, stomp around in your Chippewa snakeboots. Let him strike at them instead of at your hand. Buy yourself a pair of Chippewa snake boots for your protection.